Dienstag, August 28, 2007

Kokatat Ronin pfd

My new Kokatat Ronin pfd arrived!!! Just sorry it missed my Iceland circumnavigation...but it will be a very useful item on future trips!
I really like it for it's nice and comfi fit, nothing is bothering or rubbing.
I customized it with a strap holder for my knife, strobe light, VHF radio and Epirb (for more solo remote paddling trips :-)) )
The position of my VHF radio is like I can even use it and talk when it is still attached - quite useful for quick checkups with the other end of the field.
The front pocket takes my Olympus waterproof camera, the pocket behind the front pocket contains some personal small items like lip sunscreen, dry suit zipper wax, and a bar or two.
And don't tell me the "coal" color looks sometimes a slight bit dark blue-ish...it is BLACK! :-))

Samstag, August 11, 2007

BLACK BELT sea kayaking

Morgan Goldie from North Water donated me the first

in sea kayaking - a custom made tow belt from his company. Thanks, Morgan!

It usually comes in black and red, is very detail-orientated made and a pretty useful item!

Now I think I need to prove I deserve that honor :-))

I was happy to use a long list of other North water items on my Iceland trip, too, and all of them proved to be a great choice! I'll do a write-up soon.

Youth inspiration

I am happy to present two new female young talents to the sea kayaking community!

They both wrote to me they've got the idea by my TITS III video, so I am honored to be kind of an inspiration model to the youngsters...

Well, we are all looking forward to see more soon!

14-year old Charlotte Rombaud from Jersey/ Channel Islands with a perfect split on the kayak.

(Wish I would be still that age and still thet flexible :-)) ...)

16-year old Maria Medina from San Sebastián Puerto Rico, with a perfect headstand in Derrick's new Rockpool Alaw Bach.