Mittwoch, März 12, 2008


Yes, I'll do it.
"Race around Australia"
In a kayak :-). Solo. Unsupported. Starting this year.
I'm just working on a new website and blog with Derrick, so please check with me in a few days about more details and plenty of pics of the other trips! Things just take their time...and I'm sometimes working for my shops, too...


Blogger Niklas said...

Of course, if there are no islands left, just go for the continents! Good attitude Freya :-) I wish you good luck!


4:51 nachm., März 12, 2008  
Blogger Mark Tozer said...

Will you be planning to take in Tasmania as well?

All the best to you Freya, just make sure your back by October

Greenland perhaps after that?

Keep doing us proud and take care

Mark :0)

3:00 nachm., März 13, 2008  
Blogger Andy said...

Good on ya.

I'll be starting my 3rd paddle up the east coast (Syd -> 'the top', Cape York) in Jan '09, and, depending on your route, mabye I'll get a chance to wave as you pass me by - what will you be paddling?
[On my 2nd trip, I paddled by a character whose kayak(Mirage) got chomped on by a Great White - who, on my 3rd trip sold me an Exporer, who, later screwed Nigel (payment for kayaks) - and therefore am not able to buy an Explorer from on my next trip (will have to have it shipped there)]

8:13 vorm., März 22, 2008  
Blogger COBBER said...


I have been living in the philippines for a few years. no activity overthere when it comes to seakayaking.
Over 7000 islands. give it a try. After Oz
last year I have been concentrating to make it work...
But then a new project appeared.
paddling to Moldova from holland.

Husem i have been when I was still young with my father. They were loading livestock for Northern Africa....all i remember is that we had to go inland for a while. The little harbour was a little outside town...
Regards Jörgen

3:11 nachm., April 01, 2008  
Blogger rcpbdx said...

Hello Freya,

As French people says : "chapeau !" for Australia trip.

One question, please. I've read somewhere, you've received a new rudder stern after having broken old one. The new rudder stern you receive (I don't know how to name that stern pivoting system) has a retractable stern inside the pivoting system ? Really ?


12:35 nachm., Mai 20, 2009  

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