Montag, März 19, 2007

Superior GP-Paddle with "Lendal inside"

I was happy to meet Mark and Celeste Rodgers from Superior Kayaks at Canoecopia for the first time, as they were already generously providing me via web with their new carbon fibre split Greenland paddle.
This will make my travels a lot more fun in future, as I loved this paddle ever since as a one piece, and now can carry it around way more easier!

They used the world's reknown Lendal Paddlock inside, the shaft is the same outside as their already great one-piece carbon paddle.
So - not "Intel inside", but "Lendal inside"! :-) Actually a genious idea, precisesly made and solid built.

And, as soon as I was back home - and e-mail from a German guy - can I get the new Superior split carbon GP-paddle from you? Sure he could - and one of my three brand new split paddles was gone already :-))
Mark would probably be happy about selling some more in Germany! So if you are interested anywhere in Europe - just give me an e-mail! I probably can help you getting one soon.

With Mark Rodgers from Superior Kayaks


...yes, I'm late again posting about Canoecopia, but sometimes there are things at home I need to work on first and which bring the money in...although I promise this was *tough* work, too, but still very pleasant...
7 hrs jetlag and 4 nights with very few sleep and talking all day long, this is how Alun, Justine, Greg and I were looking after the last pool session on Sunday night, getting some rest on Derrick's couch.
Actuall, Derrick and his wife Mary...they were the guys who got everything going for us - from picking and dropping us at the airport, taking us around to shops, restaurants and to the TITS III launching party bar, organizing our pool session and hosting us the last night at his home in Baraboo, WI.
Thanks a lot, Derrick and Mary! Greg and I are very thankful about your help, great job!
So this is almost the only picture I've been taking on my own (no, wrong, I mean I gave Wendy my camera to take it!), sorry I can't post anything else so far.
Just have a look at Derrick's blog, and you'll get an idea about how our "kayaking people's magazine" reporter always gets the scoop with all these paparazzi pics from our dancing night - I'd rather enjoyed dancing than taking pics :-)) - my calves are still sore...
It was great to meet all the old kayaking friends, making new ones, talking about equipment and future plans and connections.
And, to be honest, I didn't feel bad on Sunday hearing on every corner "hey, I've seen you on the video last night"...

Mittwoch, März 07, 2007

Picking up my brandnew NDK Explorer

The last treat of our UK-trip was to pick up my brandnew, sparkling "S"Explorer 2, which Nigel was so kind to replace against my old loved one. Thanks very much for that!

The new one has 4 nicely recessed clamps, no bolts any more through the bulkheads. Looks like a great job!

I didn't post a full picture yet, as the baby is still missing some of my customized stickers and deck layout - but I can already tell: I'm looking forward to paddle this one! Once it is fitted, I'll post some more.
I'm proud to announce Greg and I will be part of the Anglesey Sea Symposium 2007., May 5th until May 11th.

But - we'll really have to *pack* now for Canoecopia! The plane is going tomorrow early morning...

Nigel and Greg are talking kayaks...

You can see the front and back part of my new Explorer standing upright in the background!


A quick stop at the Rockpool factory, home of my sparkling black glitter Alaw Bach.

Mike is doing well, dived deep into working on his great kayaks.

But - he was well worth to be the first lucky guy to see at least a part (actually, only the jacket and a top...) of my new Reed dress, going out for a beer at night without any fibreglass and gelcoats spots on his clothes, freshly shaved and very entertaining to talk to :-)).

He has already employed two more guys to help him with the piles of orders. Buisiness almost as usual...

Just my Rockpool Underground qajaq mold was sitting there at the wall and is looking forward to get some attention and hugs... :-(

Llanberies/ North Wales

Nick Cunliff and Jeff Allan taking a good sniff on my trolley...

Next stop before Anglesey: A quick visit in Llanberis at Nick Cunliff's surf lines shop, good to see that ol' guy again after the Falls of Lora trip :-) - and just in case you might miss a proper paddling picture here: He's vertical on the TITS III title, just between Justine and me...

Better than any restaurant: A delicious dinner at Justine and Alun's kitchen!

Later -thanks, Justuine, for the great meal!

It consisted of fresh baked salmon, and of about 12 or even 15 different fresh veggies! I can't believe where she pulled out all that fresh stuff of her fridge, having to leave to the US next day already...but oh well, a mutual visit to her local yoga class made us ready for enjoying a great meal together.

...if there wouldn't have been those piles of TITS III DVD boxes, sittin' around in the whole house, ready to be sent out to all of you! This woman is *really* busy!

I helped her, taking a couple of boxes with me :-)

getting my special Reed dress finished...

The master of art himself is ironing on his logo to my dress

A range of lovely women is busy at his factory, sewing the popular Reed's gear.

Here, my new dress is getting the typical waterproof seem tape (a very important detail for surviving in the pool :-)) )

Everything well done, Chris?

Greg and I were taking our chance on the way up to Anglesey to stop by at the Reed's factory.

I liked to see where my loved black gear is manufactured, and wanted to show Chris and Jo, his wife, the garnment I got sewn for Canoecopia (and for any other "after kayaking" pub nights...) by my local tailor. And, for sure, to get the logos ironed on and the seems taped to make it look really authentic.

No pictures yet, just wait until the Saturday night's TITS III launching party :-))

Chris took us a bit around, showing his favourite beaches. Nice area! Definitely well worth a longer paddling visit. But this was a tight scheduled "buisiness trip", and we felt sorry to find no kayaking playtime yet. But thanks for your hospitality anyway!

Getting out of the area later was a torture for my van, 25% of climbing uphill! Off-limit, but he made it...good boy...

Chris promised to make me one of his great dry suits (in all black, for sure...), thanks for that! I'll write about it when I got it and tested it.

Greg has ordered a dry cag, made out of the new (blue ...) Aquafleece. He'll need a proper warm top, getting used to the colder waters in Europe... :-)) - no Florida water temperatures any more! Greg will be happy to tell about how it feels when we've got it sent out until the End of March.