Freitag, Februar 23, 2007

New Superior Kayaks Two Pieces Carbon Greenland Paddle

Travelling and transporting (spare) Greenland paddles will be a lot easier now!

I've got the news from Celeste Rodgers from Superior Kayaks that they have now designed a two piece Crabon Greenland paddle.

She put a press release on their website, but no proper picture yet.

She told me it will be looking outside like the original one piece black carbon GP stick I love since years, and maybe with a little sticker on it "Lendal inside"... (no, not "Intel inside" yet...) :-))

To say, the world's famous Lendal paddlock joint will be hidden in the GP shaft, with a recessed button. It will add only one ounce to the weight.

This sounds great, and covers lot's of person's needs for travelling or carrying it as a split spare GP on deck.

I'm looking forward to meet Superior Kayaks and Lendal at Canoecopia, and to recieve my own personal world's premier two pieces black carbon Greenland paddle...thanks to Celeste and Mark!

At least, I'm paddling a little piece of Lendal then... :-))

Donnerstag, Februar 22, 2007

Canoecopia After-Show Pool Session

I'm glad to announce that with the great help of Derrick Mayoleth Greg Stamer and I will be able to hold a Greenlandic strokes and rolling session at the Baraboo Pool in Wisconsin/ USA. It's a short 40 min drive from Canoecopia in Madison, so the session will start at 6pm after the show is closed.

Greg will start the evening with a talk and demo of Greenlandic strokes, and I will follow with a rolling demo, where I emphasize on my
teaching method , topped with some of the fancy rolls and balancing stuff.

Then each of us will be teaching and supervising each student in a kayak for min 1/2 hr, working with max. 2 students at a time. There will be enough kayaks, assistant instructors and playtime besides the direct instruction of Greg and me, to try out what you've seen and learned, until you're worn out...

For rolling I'll bring my Qaanaaq SS (sorry, my Underground isn't ready yet, see previous post...), and we hope to get some more low volume kayaks for effective rolling instruction. Greenland paddles will be available, but you can bring your own, or your Euroblade, too.

The rolling class is for *everybody*, complete beginner or advanced, Greenlandic or Euroblade paddler. It will teach you the soft side of rolling, see my
Rolling Classes website. No strengh, no power needed... let us know where you are at, and we'll take you a great step forward!

The class is very useful for potential instructors, too, as they can help teaching, watch and learn on each students progress.
Please have a look at Derrick's blog, he put up all the things you need to sign in.
Hope to see you there!
Freya & Greg

Freitag, Februar 16, 2007

getting divorced...

You experienced that on your own. Or you know some couples amongst your friends who went through it. It's hard to realize, but it's normal in these days. Nothing lasts for ever, although we all hope it will, whatever we're getting started.

If the divorce is happening to your parents, or to one of your closest befriended couples, you are suffereing with them. But you don't want to lose either parent, or the friendship to either one of the divorced couple.
You try to mediate. But you feel you're sitting between the lines. And you feel somehow helpless, and that you've lost an intact world. And you'll hope that the ex-partners will be good friends after a while.

But the longer you are mourning, the longer you're staying in the past, the worse you're feeling yourself.

I don't like to feel bed at all.
I'm a visionaire, living in the future.
I try to help where I can, but as soon as I realize the loss, I'm making plans how to proceed on.
It happened I lost my website yesterday. I didn't have any backup myself. I had to rely on my webmaster and on the server solving the problem. It worked out well, it's there again.
But on my mind I already had plans how to create a new website with the leftover material.

Don't mourn too long. Think soon about new solutions with what is left over. And the sun will come out again.

Mike and Aled are getting divorced. Rockpool won't be anymore what it has been. A synergy of two genious people.

Mike, the thorough, detail- and high-quality loving artist and craftsman, Aled, the outstanding paddler, visionairy designer and buisinessman.

Rockpool will keep on producing what they already did with great success. Fibreglass kayaks of durable, high-end quality, perfect in the detail. You can buy an Alaw Bach without having seen it. You'll just love it. The master of fibreglass Mike is very likely to have it handmade by himself.

In-uit will be Aled's new company. He'll be designing kayaks. He'll get them produced in the high-tech way, and also in high-end quality. See more details on his website. The sea kaykaing family is looking forward to the first babes. The sea kayaking family is growing, so will be the range of companies producing kayaks.

What will happen to *my* babe, the
Underground Greenland style signature kayak I was planning to launch with Rockpool at Canoecopia?
Well, both ex-parents are still pregnant with it. One has a mold, one has a plug. We'll see who'll give birth to that babe. Out might come fraternal twins, alike, but different. Or only one embryo might survive. But both are from the same family. From the sea kayaking family.

Probably the pregnancy will last a bit longer under the divorce stress. And I'll have to take the big sister to
Canoecopia, my loved Qaanaaq SS from Waterfield Kayaks , Japan.

But we'll have something to expect. There will be at least one new Greenland fibreglass or carbon babe, sooner or later. I'll try the white embryo the second next week in Wales. And I'll let both parents know what I'll think about the genes they have given them.

Donnerstag, Februar 15, 2007

website server problems

Ohhh, I just got to know that my website is currently unavailable...sorry about that!

Derrick contacted already the server, and they said are working hard on it to fix the problem. I hope to have it back in some hours!
TTYS, Freya

19.34 h: It's up again!!!! Thank goodness :-))
19.55 h: ...well, I notice, only 1/2 of the site is working... :-((

It's good again now, and hopefully will be in future.

Freitag, Februar 09, 2007

2nd Int. Sea Kayaking Symposium in Llanca/ Spain

Time is coming soon! One next big event for me after Canoecopia will be the huge 2nd international Sea Kayak Symposium in Spain (about 250 participants), which is already planned for long. people will stay on a campground which is not open for public yet, so a whole "kayaking village" will occur at the beautiful Costa Brava!
José, the organizer, did a great job to invite a bunch of internationally well reknown people, as Maligiaq Padilla, Dubside, Greg Stamer and me for the Greenlandic part, as well as Wendy Killoran for the main night's slide show about our expedition in Newfoundland.
Please have a look in their
website for further guest instructors, and don't hesitate to sign up for joining the fun!

Donnerstag, Februar 08, 2007

TITS III starts moving!

Please check on a sneeky preview on Justine's website!

Well if you want to have it on time on MONDAY, the 12th of March in your post box, please check with me
how to pre-order!
This is the earliest time to get it delivered after the launching at

Sonntag, Februar 04, 2007

Canoe & Kayak Magazine Advertisement

coming soon!

Pre-orders for TITS III for Germany on my e-mail welcome! Avalable in March.