Freitag, Februar 09, 2007

2nd Int. Sea Kayaking Symposium in Llanca/ Spain

Time is coming soon! One next big event for me after Canoecopia will be the huge 2nd international Sea Kayak Symposium in Spain (about 250 participants), which is already planned for long. people will stay on a campground which is not open for public yet, so a whole "kayaking village" will occur at the beautiful Costa Brava!
José, the organizer, did a great job to invite a bunch of internationally well reknown people, as Maligiaq Padilla, Dubside, Greg Stamer and me for the Greenlandic part, as well as Wendy Killoran for the main night's slide show about our expedition in Newfoundland.
Please have a look in their
website for further guest instructors, and don't hesitate to sign up for joining the fun!