Montag, Dezember 17, 2007

Progress report 12/17/07 Monday

Weather update from Karel Vissel:
Mon mrng ne 4bft noon sw 3bft aft sw 3bft seas 1.70mtr swell 1 mtr frm nw
Tues mrng s4bft noon sw 4bft aft sw 4bft seas 2.20 to 2.80 mtr swell 1.30 mtr frm nw

Satellite Text Messages Received from Freya:
44.02 168.22 Cascade River mouth 65km staying in the entrance of a private hut. Nobody home. Fun on the river entrance good paddle in RAIN!

It will be a lovely day! The rain seems to be gone, following winds for at least 3 days, no lack of food, good spirits and body condition!


Blogger DennisC said...


Another amazing destination on your amazing journey at the bottom of a valley shaped years back by glaciers.

I hope the sandflies have eased off a little.

Plenty more rain is on the way...

9:38 vorm., Dezember 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonym said...

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12:55 nachm., Dezember 18, 2007  

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