Dienstag, Dezember 11, 2007

Progress report 12/11/07 Tuesday

Weather update from Karel Vissel:
Tues mrng e 6 to7bft noon e 4 to5bft aft e 4to 5 bft seas 3.40 to 3.90 mtr swell 2mtr frm N

Wed mrng ne 4bft noon ne 4ft aft ne 4 to5bft seas 3.40 swell 1.60mtr frm nw

Satellite Text Messages Received from Freya:
44.44 167.35 South. Sound rain all day & strong(est) headwinds all day. Seakayaker's delight :). Urgent drying pitstop in Milford tomorrow.


Blogger jason said...

Tough conditions for you. If you weren't used to rain and sandflies before, you will be soon.
It is inspiring to watch your progress.

6:54 nachm., Dezember 11, 2007  
Blogger Michael said...

Watch for floating apples! Chris Duff found two floating along together in perfect shape just before heading into Milford! ;-)

11:31 nachm., Dezember 11, 2007  

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