Freitag, November 16, 2007

Progress Report 16/11/07 Friday - updated by Freya 23.11.07

Weather update from Karel Vissel:
Friday: mrng nw2bft noon s 2bft aft e 1bft seas 2.80mtr frm e to se

Saturday: mrng nw 3bft noon e 2 to 3bft aft e 3bft seas 2.20 to 1.90mtr frm s

Satellite Text Messages Received from Freya:
Smailles Beach 50km big swell east of Otago Peninsula landing on surfbeach sneaking in close to rocks plenty dolphins!!!
Updated by Freya 23.11.07:
Paul said goodbye that morning, as I would be expected in Dunedin by Rob Tipa, another paddler of the KASK network. Thanks Paul, for three interesting and helpful days!
Paul proved to be my main New Zealand contact, as he proved to be really helpful with contacts, phone support, publicity, local advices and a close eye on the trip over all. I hope to host him a bit in Europe next year!
Cutting across to the Otago Peninsula harbour entrance I had a big school of dolphins playing with me for more than 15 min! All close to the kayak, almost jumping over the bow! But don't even guess of beeing fast enough for good pictures...maybe there are some when I take my tim eto download them. Justine, your job for the video camera! I told the dolphins to be back for you then...
I'd rather kept on paddling to stay interesting for the playful mammals, expecting they appreciate more a moving paddle to play with than a just floating boat', just enjoying the moment...
Some huge Albatros from the Dunedin colony enjoyed their circles around the kayak, almost touching the waterline with their wings. I wonder why they (and other birds, too...) think a kayak is a great spot to fly around in circles for minutes...
Off th east side of the Otago Peninsua the swell felt big, reflecting from the steep cliffs. But no worries...I was more worried about the landing on the open surf at Smailles Beach south of the island, only broken a bit by Bird Island. Just next to St. Kilda beach, NZ most popular surf beach...
Rob Tipa and Mark Robertson were expecting me there, and Mark checked that morning already how the surf was looking like on that beach. He said "with your experience...there are gaps to land safely..." (whose surf experience???), so I trusted his judgement in my skills.
Coming around the corner to the beach, the usual procedure of PFD, hood and helmet on, legs locked in, and with several looks back I managed to surf in without being knocked over, sneaking in close to the rocks of the side of the beach.
I saw Rob and mark running from the middle of the beach towards me, as they obviously saw another safe route of unbroken waves just behind Bird's Island and expected me there.
The only issue about my landing spot was the longer distance of carrying the kayak and luggage to the car, maybe we should have had VHF contact before landing! My cell was ringing sometimes, but no call was possible.
Anyway, it took only two minutes and the next reporter from the Dunedin paper were on the beach for pictures and interview. Paul's and Rob's job again...but Ididn't mind. At least it was not after 22hrs of paddling and 1 hrs of sleep when the reporter showed up in Iceland...
Rob's and Mark's hospitality was perfect, they briefly dropped me at a supermarket to shop for teh next leg, and Rob's wife Stella cooked a delicious venison dinner.
I was just too tired to update anything on my blog on his computer...and actually I thought having that short time together with lovely hosts it's just unpolite to sit on the computer all night.
Thanks for hosting me that night!
Mark enjoyed to put me in his self-built SOF for a picture, I'll post one soon! Nice boat! I like the rubber-like hull material, black for sure...


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Dolphins? Lucky you to have such sleek companions! Stay well!

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