Mittwoch, November 14, 2007

Progress Report 11/14/07 Wednesday - update dy Freay 23.11.07

Weather update from Karel Vissel:
Thu mrng w 2bft noon ne 3 to4bft aft ne 3bft seas 2.10mtr frm s to se
Fri mrng sw 4bft non sw 3bft aft sw 2 to3bft seas 2.80mtr frm e to se

Satellite Text Message Received from Freya:
No paddle today :( non- inviting headwinds. Spent all day in Oamaru looking around. Sounds ok tomorrow to keep on going south.

Update by Freya 23.11.07:
Forecast said stronger winds, but it's always worth a look out to the sea...I jumped in my drysuit, ready to push on for at least a while, but what we saw out there was not really inviting...back to plan B, a day off paddling!
Paul and I were driving out to Oamaru then, as he was interested to look into various antique bookshops on the hunt for old books he was interested in.
Oamaru enjoys to be a "Victorian"town, with a historic city with lots of antique shops, theatres and some more tourist traps. But nice to look around for a while, too. In a shop he got to talk with a lady about what we were doing, and she couldn't help but calling the local paper for a story...
A walk out around the Oamaru headland where a "pinguin viewing" amphitheathere was put up for tourists watching the little bue pinguins coming In at night completed the day off.
The same convenient hut for the night - I think I'm getting spoilt!