Samstag, November 10, 2007

Progress Report 11/10/07 Saturday - updated by Freya 09.11.07

That last day off I took the chance to teach some rolls in a pool - Martin, Fiona, Jeff and David were quite keen on getting wet.

They brought their own kayaks, and I tried to fit myself into each of them.

They felt quite different to what I was used to. I enjoy having quite a low backdeck and a good kneehold in my kayak, things which I feel are quite essential for an easy layback roll. But don't blame your kayak for bad performance... :-)) - I just can't tell I could show off as I would have liked to...I even fell out once :-))
Anyway, Martin started in his Prijon Barracuda, and after getting rid of the terms like rolling with "speed, force, power and strengh", and "don't look, feel what you are doing", he got more and more relaxed and started to sidescull and to roll with feeling for the water and paddle, and with good looked pretty smooth then!
David struggeled a bit with the kneehold in his kayak, and plans to give it a better outfit next time. But I think he got on what it should be like, even with the bad outfit in his kayak and more with watching the others.

Jeff seemed to have the best layback position in his boat, he was quite flexible and performed as well as Martin after a while.
Fiona never ever tried to roll, but squeezed herself bravely in Jeff's boat, and after a bit of hypervetilating she started to relax under water, and the guys could see what female intuition looks like on getting started...she learnt in a different, female way, felt, what was right or wrong and was successfull with smooth rolls without assistance at the end! Good job, girl!


Blogger Cristóbal said...

Good luck Freya!
I'm following your progress from Catalonia.
I wish you the best for your adventure!!

9:08 nachm., November 10, 2007  
Blogger Glenn said...

Best of luck Freya, we're watching you from Nova Scotia.

11:42 nachm., November 10, 2007  
Blogger Michael said...

And from Québec! Dumpers the size of houses? Be careful out there, girl!
¡Hola Cristóbal! Hi Glenn!

3:59 vorm., November 11, 2007  

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