Freitag, Oktober 12, 2007

Two more last minute sponsors

Thanks to Thomas Lindner from Aquaman Deutschland to help me on my New Zealand trip with his famous waterproof Aquapack-cases for my GPS, mobile phone, camera, PDA, VHF, Sat-phone and maps and charts - let's stay dry - at least with those precious items! I'll be happy to write after my trip about how they held up in those tough conditions.

And thanks to Kenneth Westman Drake from Hilleberg "The Tentmaker" to give me a brandnew "Allak" 2008 model freestanding tent for my trip. I was a great "Hilleberg" fan ever since, and now got with the Allak my fourth "Hilleberg" tent sponsored - thanks! It will give me shelter and a "home" on my trip...a great one!
I'll write about my experiences with that new model after the trip, too.


Blogger Michael said...

Freya - be sure to give your AquaPacs a waterproof test ( fill with tissue, close, then give them a squeeze in the sink. Any bubbles?) at home before you trust them with your equipment. A lot of them have been failing recently...

All the best!

6:32 nachm., Oktober 18, 2007  

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