Samstag, Oktober 27, 2007

Progress Report 10/27/07 Saturday - updated by Freya 28.10.07

Forecasted weather from Karel Vissel:
Sat mrng s 4bft noon s 4 to5 bft aft s 4 to5bft seas 2.90mtr from se
Sun mrng s 3bft noon e 2bft aft e 2 to3bft seas going down to 2mtr from se dir
mon tru thu looks good nw winds 3bft seas around 1mtr

Satellite text message from Freya 10/27/07:
It's going to be a rest day which I don't mind...I feel good, have pumped up shoulders like bodybuilder :-))

Update 27.10.07 by Freya:

Saturday turned out to be an (already welcome...) rest day, as strong headwinds wouldn't be much fun and progress. I took my chance to get on the family computer and typing these updates.

Joe talked me through lots of good fishermen's experience along the upcoming coast, and the forecast looks like it is really necessary to get past Cape Campbell by Sunday night, even on some headwinds and bad tide tomorrow morning. Tide and wind can only change to the better by afternoon and night, and when I'll make it around the Cape by daylight I'm fine. Means I'll have to dig in hard tomorrow again for some 60 km whith not perfect conditions...

When the wind turns to stronger NW on Monday, which is an offshore wind and very much welcome south of Cape Campbell, he said it would be too rough to pass the rocky reefy point of Cape Campbell...especially on Monday morning when there is wind against tide I'll get up VERY early tomorrow to make that leg well in time...let's pray for the southerly winds easing down enough to get against!!!

Monday past the Cape it would just blow me down the coast with not much big seas running on the beach...continuing with these conditions probably Thu and Wed.

Thanks to anybody who wished me well on the comment site! I appreciate all people being mentally with me in my lonely trip...


Blogger geoff said...

Hi Freya,
Following your blog with best wishes for a safe trip. Geoff in Tassie

4:09 vorm., Oktober 27, 2007  
Blogger Henrik said...

Hello Freya,

thanks for letting us follow your fantastic trip on the blog. It brightens the day for us not fortunate enough to be out there on the water ourselves.

Best wishes and stay safe!

Henrik (Sweden)

9:31 vorm., Oktober 27, 2007  
Blogger RoyM said...

Safe Journey Freya

Best Wishes Always

3:02 nachm., Oktober 27, 2007  
Blogger derrick said...

day by day. . . . :)

7:47 nachm., Oktober 27, 2007  

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