Freitag, Oktober 12, 2007

Delmarva 2007

Thanks to the organizer Ed Zachowski from Qajaq USA for inviting me!

In between my work to prepare my x-mas shop with 5000 items and closing down my ice-cream shops (...ahhh, and between some trip-preparations for New Zealand, too...) I headed for a quick 3-days trip to Delmarva/ USA as a special guest to give a slide show and lecture about Greg's and my Iceland circumnavigation this summer.

The first time after I presented the show solo in Sweden and Finland, now it was together with Greg! I felt with both of us it was a good deal better, as we kept on in our slideshow with our love-hate relationship we developed on the trip... :-))

So if anybody would enjoy to see a great slide show about our

"Lost in Iceland"

trip - please give us a call! Greg and I will be available on next year's symposiums anywhere on the world!


Blogger Michael said...

A great presentation on a very interesting paddle. I highly recommend giving them a "call"! Or dropping in at a nearby kayaking event where they're presenting. You won't be disappointed!

10:56 nachm., Oktober 13, 2007  

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