Samstag, September 08, 2007

Stockentreffen Sweden 2007

The Stockentreffen this year proved to be again the "TO BE" event in Sweden!
Plenty of participants came to Stocken to share experience and "kayak talk".

I had the pleasure to pick up Wendy Killoran and René Seindal from Kopenhagen, who are going to paddle around Sicily and Sardinia this winter. Good luck to both!

The event started with a rolling demo, after I was already busy teaching 7 students Friday afternoon! 15 more students Saturday and Sunday followed...busy times.

Sigurd Henrichsen smiles on his one-on-one rolling class

I invited Dubside , my "Black Brother", to join the rolling demo
People following the rolling demo from the rocks

I held my first slide show about my circumnavigation of Iceland with Greg Stamer in June/July 2007

My sweatshirt was matching my slide show's title...the whole slide show will be up on my website next week!
Nigel Foster, Kristin Nelson, Freya, Dubside and the young Norwegian guy who enjoyed standing up paddling in his kayak as easy as you walk across the road :-)

Thanks to Sigurd Henrichsen, René Seindal and Ulf Johannson for the pictures!

Stairways to heaven:
Rockpool Underground prototype, Waterfield Kayaks Qaanaaq 512, my SOFreya, Waterfield Kayaks Qaanaaq SS

Unloading my roof rack back home, my fleet grew about one more rolling kayak:
A lovely Qaanaaq 512, which Thomas Ahlberg from Orust Kayaks, the European importer from Waterfield Kayaks, Japan, gave me as a demo boat. Thanks, Thomas!
So whoever is interested in trying the Qaanaaq 512 as a lovely day trip kayak, rolling kayak, kiddy kayak, or lightweight people's kayak, is welcome to get in contact with me! I'll bring it with me anyway to any event I'll be *driving* to in 2008.
The Qaanaaq 512 is the less-extreme version of my Qaanaaq SS, which is the best rolling and teaching tool and was tried out by plenty of people joining my rolling classes, but which is not tooooo suiatable for the average person to *paddle*. The slightly bigger "512" version is much better for general purpose! Give it a try!
It is available at Orust Kayaks at 21.500 SEK (2305,38 €)