Donnerstag, Juli 19, 2007

A Sixpack in a row...

Rocket power...

(Btw., that single white "rocket" on the rack - my prototype Rockpool Underground rolling kayak will be black glitter soon...)

Last symposium in Anglesey, my van got a decent upgrade: A nice crown of a sixpack of Kari-Tek cradles on a solid Kari-Tek custom made roof rack base! The second six-pack row in the front will be done soon, as there is still an extension bar missing to load the front row in a matching distance :-)) - but I'll get it soon!

Thanks to Geoff and Anne and their team for this great, solid job!

And yes, I still do have to climb on top - for "normal" size vans and cars they make a great "easy to load" roof rack, which a lot of good kayakers are happy to use!

Maybe I should make up "Freya's Kayak Travels", and host some more people with their kayaks? Next trip goes to the Isle of Man symposium and to the Stockentreffen Sweden!
Anybody out there who wants to join in? :-))

Sixpack's filling is waiting in the shed...


Blogger Kayak-QP said...

sweet! and I am looking forward to more about the iceland trip-kqp

2:47 vorm., Juli 25, 2007  

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