Montag, Juni 11, 2007

Found Them!

At about the same time I type this some big, buff, Icelandic Coast guard officer is walking up to a tent to talk to the occupants. He's going to tell them a story that I'm sure will surprise the both of them. Yep, Just a couple minutes a go I got the call that Freya and Greg's campsite was found and everything looked just fine. Boy are they in for a surprise!

Suffice to say we are very thankful to everyone with the Icelandic Coast Guard who took the time and effort to search for them. And thank you too guys for keeping us up to date. I can't express enough how we appreciate having the Coast Guard out there. Thank you!


Blogger Kayak-QP said...

glad everything is fine
but we knew it would be
after all it's Freya!

6:02 nachm., Juni 11, 2007  
Blogger gittejuul said...

Hello Derrick.

Is there something wrong with the post fir greg and Freyas Iceland trip?.... We cant see whats happening up there...

Gitte Juul Jensen

4:57 nachm., Juni 12, 2007  
Blogger René said...

There are more news at Wendy's:

6:48 nachm., Juni 12, 2007  
Blogger Freya Hoffmeister said...

Hey Guys,

Yeah, there is other news being posted around the web. What I can do here is post when I get info from Greg & Freya directly.

They have had issues sending messages with their sat phone.

9:59 nachm., Juni 12, 2007  

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