Freitag, April 20, 2007

Black goes with the Rainbow

I met Ron Steinwall at our pool session in Baraboo/ Wisconsin after Canoecopia. he brought along a bundle of different color carbon Novorca Greenland paddles, which didn't take long to catch my attraction.

Although I really love my "Woman in all black" carbon Superior Greenland paddle, which was my best friend throughout my whole rolling career, I couldn't resist when Ron offered to make me a very different carbon Greenland paddle - colorful as the rainbow...

Ron Steinwall, the creator of the colorful Novorca Greenland carbon paddles

He created a pretty prototype, great already, but my imagination was a symetric one, giving kind of a windmill effect on really fast paddling :-))

So the computer animation looked like this:

And - in Ron's workshop, it looks already like this:

After a weekend off paddling (I think he deserves it!) Ron will finish next week the what probably will be the most color- and beautiful Greenland paddle in the world - he'll add plenty of silver glitter allover, and a clear coating, which will make the colors even more bright and shiny. Wait fior next week's posting!

It will be shown off to "real" public first at the Anglesey Sea kayak symposium...

Yes, you can call me a "witch"...


Blogger derrick said...

sure is pretty. . .

Do I have to use a "W"????

6:37 nachm., April 20, 2007  
Blogger Amanda said...

Great! You definitely need some color in your life.

6:25 nachm., April 26, 2007  

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