Donnerstag, Januar 11, 2007

From Wings came Flight 2

Another pair of "wings" that gave the Black Angel flight into kayaker's heaven is coming from

I'm glad to welcome them in my team!

Superior Kayaks is a small, but exclusive manufactury of Greenland paddles and kayaks, run by Celeste and Mark Rodgers.

black carbon Greenland paddle caught my attraction already in my early days of Greenland rolling :-) - and I loved it ever since!
It's definitively a piece of equipment I'm not travelling without, teaching and demoing rolls allover the world. And I found I was not the onlyone in the Greenland community who loves that paddle!

It's a perfect rolling and teaching tool, due to it's great buoyancy with the foam core.
It's hi-tec, smooth and BLACK, but still traditional - it's matching me perfect for my G-style tricks!
For sure a top notch guy can roll with any broomstick, but that paddle really gets you going on your first balance brace and rolls - and why making life harder as it already is :-) ??

For more informations, please check on my
sponsor's page and on the Superior Kayaks website.


Anonymous Anonym said...

Lucky you, Freya!

It pays to paddle! LOL!

12:20 vorm., Januar 14, 2007  

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