Samstag, Dezember 30, 2006

From Wings came Flight 1

I'm proud and honored to welcome another partner I'll be working with in future:

Actually, I've been an "Epic freak" ever since and was using and "abusing" their fine wing blades since I started sea kayaking.

I'm happy to join into a partnership now, and send my "thank you" to Greg Barton and Oskar Chalupsky, the owner of Epic. And a big "thanks" to Chris Laughlin getting things started!

If you might want to check my write-up about their fine paddles on my
sponsor's page , and for sure getting good ideas about Epic on their homepage.

I'm glad to use the finest paddles available!


Anonymous Anonym said...

Congratulations, Freya! And now, I love Epic paddles too, thanks to you.

8:17 nachm., Dezember 30, 2006  

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