Mittwoch, November 29, 2006

sponsor's page update

I wrote some updates on my sponsor's page, so whatever information about my gear you would like to have you might find it here.

Having my Rockpool Alaw Bach for breakfast...I wish you could see how my dinner table is matching !!! It has the same black glitter as my kayak, so who came first- the chicken or the egg? Well, I found the table just some weeks ago, and couldn't resist...

This picture shows the perfect solution on my Alaw Bach for a three pieces kayak without any leaking bolts or tools to be needed for taking it apart. Just 5 recessed fine-tuned clamps and three male and female shell forms. Well done!

The new 3-pieces Rockpool Underground is going to have the same system, just guess the hatches for the bow and stern piece are not on deck, but are accessible through the bulkheads...clipped on as easy as you could think of.

Ahhh, and Aled owns a BLACK SMART car. Just think of this new low volume, slim kayak, in three pieces, black glitter, on a *vertical* roof rack on the back of his SMART - Aled's going to ask Jeff from
Kari Tek to built him a matching stern rack - no clever leverage system needed on that :-))


Blogger David H. Johnston said...

It looks absolutly fantastic! To bad there is nobody (that I know of) that sells them in Canada!


David J.

2:32 vorm., November 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Freya, you may have started a whole new industry - matching kayaking furniture! Looks great!

4:37 nachm., November 30, 2006  
Blogger cooldoctor1 said...

Looking forward to seeing the Rockpool Undergournd at Canoecopia in WI, March 2007.

6:46 vorm., Dezember 17, 2006  

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