Mittwoch, Oktober 25, 2006

The "Rockpool Underground"

...sorry, no pictures yet anywhere...but not top secret any more...

... Rockpool and I will launch
a new Greenland style fibreglass kayak next spring ...

I have been touring around with my Qaanaaq SS the last year, and lots of people would have loved to get one...but there is no importer or dealer in the US or Europe (besides Thomas Ahlberg from Orust kayaks,, who has imported 10 boats of the bigger model Qaanaaq 512 ).

This means your chances to get your special custom made choice of a Qaanaaq SS (or even 512)to a reasonable price were pretty low - if you didn't want to fly over to Japan and pick up a 4-pieces and dealing around customs, tax and paperwork then...

My new "Rockpool Underground" signature kayak will be a low volume, slim and sexy Greenland style kayak, coming in 3 pieces only, that means easy shipping to any corner of the world...

It will be available in two sizes, and both models will be having enough low volume for easy rolling fun, but will be comfortable and exciting on a day trip, too.

For easy water this will be a pretty fast slim kayak, but it might require some paddling skills in rougher conditions.

A perfect fun machine!

And for sure the special Rockpool glitter design will make the whole "Pretty Baby"...but the tastes are different, so pick your own choice of color and design!

Kayak no. 1 and 2 in BLACK GLITTER will b for me, travelling around the world and promoting them on symposien, kayak no. 3 was pre-ordered by Alun two weeks ago already, no. 4 goes to Derrick (sorry, Derrick, no. 4 only... :-) )... Aled, Webbie & co will be busy!

Thanks to Aled Williams, coming up with the idea making a me special G-style kayak, matching my and lots of other people's needs!

And a special thanks to Chris Reed, , making me a matching tuilik and summer akusiliaq, he had a big part in creating the "myth" of the "Woman in Black", manufacturing the great slicky black stuff I still love to wear not only on the water :-)) - maybe there will be a fancy Reed Chillcheater DRESS for me soon??? :-))

I hope to be able to post some first pics soon... (nudge, nudge, Aled :-)) )


Blogger derrick said...

Number 4!??? Well, just forget it then! :) Is Alun getting a black one too?

11:28 nachm., Oktober 25, 2006  
Blogger Wendy Killoran said...

Freya, you Rock! Congratulations on your new line of kayaks with Rockpool and Reed Chillcheater wear! You go girl!

12:32 vorm., Oktober 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonym said...

I think we've all chosen black! Wonder who started this dark trend in the Team Zero world....was it Freya? no, she's too new to the clique. Dubside? one would think so because I think even his coveralls are black and didn't he get D.Beale to paint a GP black? No, I think the answer lies to the north and east, think of an architect and think of a volley ball to see if you can figure out the true father of our dark side :)

9:50 vorm., Dezember 17, 2006  
Blogger LongYank said...

The father of the Dark Side???? Segal? Doucette? -- We must know who he is...
"Luke - I AM your father!".

Freya - ok ok - you were right - maybe I can get number 5 to be brethren and kin to my new Black Pearl? What do you say?

Scott in CT

10:15 nachm., Januar 02, 2007  

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