Sonntag, Juni 04, 2006

what's left??? that you think I'm selling all my kayaks and stopped paddeling...what's left in the boathouse?

My loved "Sexy Hexy", a 4 pieces Qaanaaq SS from Waterfield Kayaks, Japan, the best rolling teaching tool for almost everybody... :-)) , and you can even take that on a daytrip in rough stuff (if you CAN...) :-))

Great for travelling, as the whole Qaanaaq fits in one big bag.

My first SOFreya, a Skin On Frame kayak, built by German Hakola Dippel (, after the pattern of Björn Thomasson's Black Pearl

A great, narrow roller only, not made for touring, and fits not every student... :-))

My SOFreya2, the folding version of the SOFreya1, a little wider and even more flat on the backdeck, like a comfortable waterbed...truck tarp on wooden frame, fits again almost everyone for teaching. This time I helped Hakola building...

My favourite headstand tool and great fr traveling, too. All goes in quite a small bag.

And my Expedition Kayak, a "Special Edition" NDK-Explorer, three pieces in Kevlar Carbon Metalflake, with modified connections. Good for all (rough) conditions. And works even for the fw-fw handroll :-)

What will be next??? We'll see...


Blogger Michael said...

What next indeed!
Clever 'Green!anders' sign. I like what was done with the 'l', turning it into a paddle!

1:50 nachm., Juni 06, 2006  
Blogger Freya Hoffmeister said...

that's the Japanese Greenlander's qajaqhouse...

5:42 nachm., Juni 07, 2006  
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