Donnerstag, Juni 08, 2006

Dubside, my Black Brother

You can't believe it!

Dubside, my black brother and web phantom, has a website!!!
But still no e-mail...

Read his commando kayaking essay, to know in which world he's living... :-))

He is an amazing sportsman, and must be made out of, not his hair!
I think it's always funny when his long rasta locks are slipping out of the bottom of the legs of the pants... :-))
...or when, as at Sweetwater's, all teachers were supposed to wear the light greyish teacher's shirt at the meeting...Dubside's shirt was peeping just an inch out under his black jacket...only opened carefully "undercover"... :-)) - he's funny, that man!

He deserves a professional marketing, and was really lucky to get to work with Tom Sharp.

we both love folding kayaks to travel and teach...

Ed Zachowski, Dubside and me at SSTIKS '05.


Blogger Michael said...

Thanks for pointing us to Dubside's new site. Very fun journal!

Looks like one of the Sweetwater raccoons has stolen the letter 'h' from the word 'straight' in your blog title. Nasty little thing and they don't come in black, either. Maybe that's why they're so sneaky. ;-)

3:39 vorm., Juni 10, 2006  
Blogger Freya Hoffmeister said...

...thanks, Michael...not even Derrick noticed that :-))

10:23 nachm., Juni 13, 2006  
Blogger R2K said...

These boats look great : )

9:43 nachm., Juni 19, 2006  
Blogger derrick said...

Well, now I know Freya never reads my blog or she'd have realized that I can't spell . . . ;))

10:22 nachm., Juni 19, 2006  
Blogger Ragged Ass Road said...

like your boats! Nice! Just moved to Yellowknife,NWT, Canada. Lots of seakayaks here on The Great Slave Lake, but I am the only person with a Greenland sof. But we both know that it is G-Stick that makes them talk. Slowly converting people here.

6:24 vorm., Juli 30, 2006  

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